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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution Training, Mediation Certifications, Dispute Resolution Programs


Dispute Resolution has become a significant part of Labor/Management in large companies and, at times, in smaller ones.  It provides a way to avoid work stoppages and expensive litigation.  A Dispute Resolution Specialist working within a corporate structure will probably get involved issues involving both small and large work units within the company.  Typically, he reports to the Labor Relations Director.


Specialists involved in Dispute Resolution must be knowledgeable and experienced in the fields of labor law and the history of labor relations within the business.  They act as Conciliators, or Mediators, counsel both labor and management in attempts to prevent and to hopefully resolve disputes over labor agreements or other Labor Relations issues.


Dispute resolution also may involve employees, management, unions, other firms, and government agencies.  Professionals in the field may also work on College Campuses, in Law Firms and for Government Agencies; the issues they resolve may not always involve labor matters. 


Degrees for Professionals in Dispute Resolution


  • Certificate in Dispute Resolution
  • Masters in Dispute Resolution
  • Bachelors in Dispute Resolution
  • Joint Degree: J.D. – Masters in Dispute Resolution
  • Bachelors in Paralegal Studies/Dispute Resolution
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