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Architectural Drafting

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Architectural Drafting Specialists have a variety of career possibilities.   They may find employment with Residential and Commercial Builders, Architect and Design Firms and Engineering Firms.  Generally Architectural Drafting is taught as a two year course resulting in an Associates in Applied Science degree.  Individuals who have always had a knack for drawing have an opportunity in this field to turn that skill into a career.


Design and drafting skills are also needed to become Plans Examiners and Building Inspectors.  A degree in Architectural Drafting combined with some training about municipal building codes can provide you with a career opportunity at the City or County level. 


Architectural Drafting offers a multitude of career options, depending on where your interests lie.  Perhaps the most intriguing option might be taking an Architect’s concepts and putting them into visual form.  Most Architectural Draftsmen also work with CAD programs, adding a three dimensional element to their work.


Degrees for Careers in Architectural Drafting


Associates in Architectural Drafting

Associates in Architectural Drafting Design

ADDA Certification


Median Annual Salaries for Architectural Draftsmen


Entry Level Architectural Drafter                  $41,539

Experienced Architectural Drafter               $53,462

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