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Autocad Training

AutoCAD Training


The AutoCAD Product


First released in 1982, AutoCAD is now the leading program for computer-aided design throughout the world. It is an essential tool in many industries, including mechanical and civil engineering, architecture, facilities planning and management. More employers use it, and need workers skilled in it, than any other CAD system.


It has been so successful and can be used in so many areas that an entire industry of support products has developed around it.  There are multiple software products that work in conjunction with AutoCad and employers in a wide variety of industries that use the program.  It can almost be characterized as an engineering platform in and of itself.


For that reason, because of the multitude of uses to which it is put, training programs have been developed that teach computer literate students how to use the software to put concepts into visible, 3D images.  The software can reproduce a product design that is dimensionally correct, with any collection of internal and external features illustrated in the finished AutoCad document - which is in fact a series of images that can be manipulated and rotated in any dimension.


Training Programs for AutoCad


The rich functionality of AutoCad and the many software programs that are used in conjunction with it require some fairly extensive training.  Moreover, there have been updated versions of the product introduced since it came on the market, each with new and different features.   One online training program requires 120 hours.  There can be much to learn in an AutoCad training program. 


AutoCad can be used in both 2D and 3D format.  The easier set of tools is the tools for developing 2D drawings.  Most training programs begin by focusing on basic 2D drawing and editing tools, text, and basic dimensions. Then the student learns to introduce objects into the drawing, and then objects in layers.  Once the student masters the basic skills, they will move on to explore efficiency tools, complex objects, using external reference/image files, advanced plotting, enhancing productivity with simple customization.  Then, and only then will the student be introduced to the 3D features.


There are many technical schools with AutoCad courses and there are online courses available as well.  These schools provide certification upon successful completion of their training courses, something that will be important to a human resources office at an engineering or construction firm looking for and AutoCad technician.  Individuals trained in this program are responsible for putting an architect's or engineer's vision into viewable format.
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