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Automotive Technology is a career that takes you into the remarkable things that have been achieved by cross-breeding digital technology and the automobile.  The things that make cars tick today are often have more to do with chips and sending units than mechanical valves and tubing.  Areas such as Climate Control Systems, Electronic Systems, On-Board Computing Systems and Information Technology Systems are all part of modern Automotive Design. 


An Automotive Technologist is someone who is understands the marriage of on-board computerized operations systems and the internal combustion engine.  Every Auto Manufacturer today provides elaborate manuals to mechanics that are trained to work on their vehicles and also provides classroom updates to Dealership Repair Supervisors so that the latest technology doesn’t catch the shop crew by surprise.  A certificate or degree in Automotive Technology will give you the groundwork for this type of career.


Certificates and Degrees for Careers in Automotive Technology


Associates in Auto Technology

ASE Certification as Auto Technician


Electrical Systems

Engine Repair

Brake Systems



Heating and Air Conditioning


Median Annual Salaries for Automobile Technicians


Entry Level Automotive Technician                           $31,051

Experienced Automotive Technician                        $40,362

Senior Automotive Technician                                  $48,785


Source: Salary.Com
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