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Saint Joseph's College in Connecticut has an online master's program in biology.  The program is designed for working professionals who wish to further their education - the type of service that really was the foundation of online teaching.  This master's program is built around an online lecture series that is a threaded interchange between faculty and students.  It is a challenging academic regimen and the school makes this known from the beginning:


"Note that online courses are not correspondence courses; the rapidity of the communication is involving. Online education has also been found to be more work than in a regular course, due to the greater level of attention offered to the student. Due to the rigorous nature of distance learning courses, students in the online program shall be limited to 2 courses per semester...Although the courses are asynchronous (where no one has to be at the same place at the same time), the timeline must be maintained with some discipline to prevent the workload from accumulating. Some students lack this discipline; this course format will not work for them."


That is a serious graduate program.  Here is the curriculum:


Summer Session I - 2006 - Online Program


Special Topics: Epidemiology

Special Topics: Emerging Diseases


Summer Session II - 2006 - Online Program

Advanced Pathophysiology

Advanced Pathophysiology


Special Topics: Ornithology

Special Topics: Cancer Biology


Fall Semester - 2006 – Tentative Online Program


Animal Behavior


Special Topics: Protistology


Spring Semester - 2007– Tentative Online Program





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