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One of the most important business security officers in the corporate world today is the IS Security Manager or Information Systems Security Manager.  This job includes database protection, disaster recovery and often Software Development.  The IS Security Manager typically oversees IT Security Analysts to ensure that all applications are functional and secure.


Many companies have found it prudent to implement a security organization and to hire a Corporate Security Director.  The primary role of this individual is to ensure the physical safety of the organization’s physical assets.  The Corporate Security Director also includes overseeing the company’s on site Corporate Security Staff, which includes the corporate security training of these individuals.


Yet another aspect of Business Security is in the Insurance field.  Corporations that are faced with law suits, investigations and general business disagreements every day need to have a variety of insurance policies in place.  The Corporate Insurance Manager manages those programs, analyzes needs and secures the optimum coverage. 


Most people who move into these positions do so with a bachelor’s degree, working their way up from the entry level and developing the experience that makes them experts in their respective fields. Opportunities to gain entry will require one to take security courses and training. Another consideration to gain the knowledge and skill-sets required is security online training.


Business Security Degrees:


  • Bachelors in Information Technology
  • Bachelors in Information Systems/Security
  • Bachelors in Organizational Security and Management
  • Bachelors in Business/Finance
  • Bachelors in Business/Accounting

Median Salaries for Business Security Professionals


Corporate Insurance Manager $93,304
Corporate Security Director $127,073
IS Security Manager $110,579
IT Security Analyst $86,272
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