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Career Opportunities In Sociology

Career Opportunities in Sociology


People who pursue sociology in higher education will often do so because of their fascination with human behavior within a social context.  Individuals with this degree of curiosity often end up teaching in the field at the high school or college level. 


According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there were about 18,000 sociologists employed in this country in 2004.  It is important to note that many people take skills that are learned in the study of sociology and apply them in fields where their professional identification may be something other than a sociologist.


About half of those identified as sociologists worked for a governmental entity, at the local state or federal level.  Generally these are highly educated individuals, holding a master’s degree at least and capable of conducting sophisticated research studies designed to probe the functionality of an existing government program or study the potential impact of a proposed government initiative.


Training in statistics and mathematics is essential for many social scientists, including sociologists.   Mathematical and quantitative research methods increasingly are being used in behavioral research in the political and sociological fields. The ability to utilize computers for research purposes is mandatory in most disciplines.
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