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Child Psychology And Education

Child Psychology and Education


A clinical child psychologist is required to hold a doctorate and to go through the clinical hours under supervision while in the doctoral program.  In many states, these can amount to 3,000 clinical hours while still in school.  After completing the doctoral program an internship program is required and beyond that, a state examination.  Abnormal child psychology falls into the realm of the licensed clinical psychologist.  Such afflictions as attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, behavioral and anxiety disorders are the areas where personal counseling is in order.  Autism, Downs syndrome and other severe problems are in a similar category.


School psychologists can obtain a master’s degree and upon meeting the requirements and passing an examination, be licensed as school psychologists.  This is a degree that can be obtained through continuing education or through an online college.  Capella University has an online master’s degree program that can be taken in parallel with their specialist certificate in school psychology to meet most of the requirements for licensure.  The school can provide detailed information on residency requirements and other licensure issues on their website.



All people who seek psychological help have secrets that are often a key to the dysfunction.  Extracting a child’s secrets, winning a child’s confidence when you are neither parent nor peer is a unique and difficult challenge.  It is one that must be met with infinite patience and great compassion; there is no lonelier soul than a child who thinks that he or she is different and alone.

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