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Child Study

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Child Study is a branch of the Developmental Psychology discipline, which focuses on human behavior by subdividing it into periods or stages in a human lifespan. Child Study, obviously, focuses on children.  Some research in the field focuses on infants and their learning patterns.  Early Cognitive Development is a major research area in Child Study.  Other areas of specialization include children in at-risk environments or children that were carried by mothers with addictive behavior, such that the child is born with fetal alcohol syndrome or a neonatal drug addiction.


Child Study encompasses these areas and many more.  The socialization of young children is a primary research focal area.  Some facilities focus on clinical treatment for children with difficult home environments, behavioral problems, autism or physical limitations. Others are academically oriented, providing students who wish to pursue careers in child study an opportunity to engage in some hands-on research and intern work.


Degrees for Careers in Child Study


  • Bachelors/Masters in Child Psychology
  • PhD in Developmental Psychology
  • Bachelors in Social Work
  • Bachelors/Masters in Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelors in Psychology/Child and Adolescent Mental Health


Median Annual Salaries in the Child Study Field  

Child Psychiatrist


Child Life Activities Specialist


Social Worker


Preschool Special Ed Teachers



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