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Commercial Contracting

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If you are a Trades Craftsman and want to go into business for yourself, there are a number of skills you’ll need that don’t involve a tool belt and a leveler.   Commercial Contracting studies are designed to give you the tools you need to understand the procurement process from Commercial Contract Definitions and source selection to Contract Management and Administration. You’ll learn the steps of the contracting process from Requisitioning through Contract Closeout.


A big part of Commercial Contracting is handling the client.  You need to be able to see the project from the customer’s perspective as well as your own.  Among the most important skills you will have to call on is the ability to Plan a project and Budget it.  You’ll need to know not only the cost of materials and labor but the Permitting Process, the cost of Weather Delays and many other potential cost-related items in order to successfully Negotiate a Contract.


Certificates and Degrees for Commercial Contractors


  • Certificate in Essentials of Commercial Contracting
  • Masters Certificate in Commercial Contract Management
  • Bachelors in Construction Science
  • Associates in Construction Management
  • Bachelors in Business/Contract Management
  • Associates in Business Management


Annual income for Commercial Contractors is impossible to average, because contractors range from single self-employed craftsmen to multinationals like Bechtel.  One important thing to note, however, is that if you are a Trades Craftsman you might find significant tax advantages to working as a Self-Employed Subcontractor rather than a worker on an hourly wage.    
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