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Corrections Officers, Prison Guards, Criminal Justice Courses


The Corrections field encompasses a number of career choices.  Corrections Officers are basically Prison and Jail Guards, and occasionally Court Bailiffs.  Probation Officers supervise offenders on probation or parole through personal contact with the individual and their families. Parole officers have duties that are similar to those of a probation officer. The difference is that Parole Officers supervise offenders who have been Released from Prison, whereas Probation Officers generally work with those who are sentenced to Probation instead of Prison.


Correctional Treatment Specialists work in jails, prisons, or parole or probation agencies. In jails and prisons, they Evaluate the Progress of Inmates. They work with inmates and their probation officers along with other agencies to Develop Parole and Release Plans.  The Correctional Treatment Specialist is the planner for an inmate’s future, while the Parole or Probation Officer is the professional who keeps the released party on track with new behavior characteristics.


Degrees for Careers in Corrections


Bachelors in Social Work

Bachelors/Masters in Criminal Justice

Bachelors in Human Services

Bachelors in Psychology


Median Annual Salaries for Corrections Professionals


Probation Officers                                          $39,600

Corrections Treatment Specialists               $39,600

Corrections Officers                                       $33,600

Correctional Officer Supervisor                    $44,720

Parole Officers                                                $40,260

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