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Counseling Studies

Counseling Degrees, Counseling Education, Counseling Masters Degrees


There is a wide spectrum of specialization in the counseling field.  Licensed Marriage and Family Counselors (LMFTs) have assumed a prominent role in the counseling field, along with Psychologists and Psychiatrists.  However there are also people who pursue the profession as Vocational Counselors, School Counselors and Substance Abuse Counselors. 


For most of these careers, the educational path is very similar.  A Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor must have a Master’s Degree in the field along with two years of clinical “apprenticeship” before taking the licensing exam.  School Counselors and Substance Abuse Counselors often have degrees in Social Work or some other major focused on the Human Services area.


Counselors may find employment in large corporate settings, public service agencies, schools and colleges, or may choose to open a private practice.  Many people simply follow their area of interest and begin as a Counseling Assistant or in some sort of clinical role that introduces them to the practice of providing Counseling Services.


Degrees for Counseling Studies


Associates/Bachelors in Social Work

Bachelors in Human Services

State Certification for School Counseling

Bachelors in Psychology

Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling

Graduate Studies in Career Counseling

Certification in Vocational Counseling


Median Salaries in Counseling


Elementary and secondary schools                                $51,160 Junior colleges                                                                  $45,730

Colleges, universities, and professional schools           $39,110

Individual and family services                                          $30,240

Vocational rehabilitation services                                   $27,800

LMFT Private Practice                                                     $95 per hour

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