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Couples Counseling

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Couples Counseling is essentially another term for Marriage Counseling; while there may or may not be a marriage involved, the goal is the same.  Couples Counseling is performed by a Licensed Therapist to help couples overcome conflicts and deep seated Communications Problems.  The established profession for this type of counseling called a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).


Marriage and Family Therapists typically engage in relatively short term therapy: on an average, about 12 sessions.   Couples Counseling usually involves stripping away the resentments, the anger and the misunderstandings that can clog up any relationship.  In the beginning, a Couples Counselor may find himself in the role of referee, until the participants have learned to accept that counseling is not another venue for the ongoing battle that brought them there.


Licensed MFTs have graduate training (a Master's or Doctoral degree) in marriage and family therapy and at least two years of clinical experience.  People with some undergraduate experience can often bring their previous college credits with them if they choose to enter this field.  State Licensure is required.


The Degree for a Career in Couples Counseling


Masters/Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy


Median Salary for a Marriage and Family Therapist


Average Rate for a Counseling Session $95 per hour

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