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Criminal Justice

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Many people who enter the Criminal Justice field do so at a relatively young age and work their way up through the ranks, to Administrative and Leadership roles in Crime Prevention, Corrections or Public Security.  Often, moving up the ladder means going back to school in order to qualify for those higher positions.


Others become interested in specialties, and get involved in Detective work or Forensics.  One of the best things that has happened in the academic corner for Criminal Justice is the development of specialized degrees in fields like Forensic Psychology and Crime Scene Investigation.  Increasingly, police departments like to see their recruits come in the door with some college education.  As the Civil Service exams come along for advancement, many a patrolman finds himself back in the classroom.


Degrees for Criminal Justice Careers


  • Associates/Bachelors in Criminal Justice/Corrections
  • Associates/Bachelors in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelors in Criminal Justice Administration
  • Masters in Justice Administration and Security
  • Associates/Bachelors in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
  • Bachelors in Criminal Justice/Crime Analysis
  • Bachelors in Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology

Median Salaries in the Criminal Justice Professions


Police Officer


Police Sergeant


Police Detective


Police Chief


Corrections Officer



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