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Curriculum And Instruction

Curriculum Specialists, Instructional Coordinators, Curriculum Education


Curriculum Specialists or Directors of Instructional Material develop curricula, select textbooks and other materials, train teachers, and assess educational programs in terms of quality and adherence to regulations and standards.  Also known as Instructional Coordinators, these professionals make sure that a school’s academic year adheres to the mandated standards of the School District, the State and established Academic Standards.


The job may involve Reviewing Textbooks and Software, ordering and maintaining the school’s academic inventory and distributing materials as needed according to the Academic Plan Calendar.  Instructional Coordinators develop effective ways to use technology to enhance student learning. They monitor the market for new Educational Technology, to introduce into a school’s curriculum.   An Active Curriculum Specialist might invite Computer Hardware, Software, or Media Specialists - into the classroom to help integrate technological materials into a school’s curriculum.


Degrees for Curriculum and Instruction Professionals


  • Bachelors/Masters in Education Administration
  • Bachelors/Masters in Teaching
  • Masters in Educational Leadership
  • Masters in Education/Curriculum Management
  • Bachelors in Public Administration

Median Salaries for Curriculum and Instruction Professionals


Instructional Coordinator                $52,480

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