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Today’s most talked-about form of fraud is Identity Theft.  Much of it is accomplished over the Internet, via various Phishing Schemes.  Keeping ahead of the thieves is a job that falls to an Internet Security Specialist or an Information Systems Security Manager. The theft of personal information that can lead to emptied bank accounts is conducted through individual fraudulent solicitations on the Web, and through the theft of thousands of personal records that can be stolen due to lax Network Security.


Today’s merchants – whether corporate or at the retail level – keep their records on Databases.  Protecting those records has become a challenge.  For every new software program and Network Security Configuration, the hackers come up with a new method to defeat the Firewalls.  Given the fact that the Internet has become the world’s largest marketplace, it is critical that people who are using credit cards to make purchases continue to do so with confidence.  If Customer Databases remain vulnerable, the online marketplace will be in real trouble.


An appropriate combination of course work in the fields of information security, cyber security, computer forensics, or a double-major or major-minor mix, may be appropriate depending upon the future employment you desire in either the public/law enforcement sector or private sector. Students with a future interest in employment in law enforcement might find it wise to combine computer forensics with criminal justice while students with a future interest in the private consulting field might find it wise to combine computer forensics with information security course work.


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Degrees for Cyber Security Professionals


  • Certificate in Internet Technologies
  • Associates in Computer Science
  • Associates in Network Support
  • Bachelors in IT/Security
  • Bachelors in Network Management
  • Masters in IT/Internet Security
  • Bachelors in IT/Internet Systems Development


Salaries for Professionals in Cyber Security


Web Security Administrator


Web Security Manager


Intranet Applications Specialist


Data Security Supervisor


Information Systems Security Manager


Manager Network Security Systems



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