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Development Of Game Design Schools

Development of Game Design Schools


Today, you can spend a number of years in college getting an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree – usually in graphic arts or multimedia – with an emphasis in game development.  The reason that there is so much to learn is due to the increasing complexity of the art form.  The number of tools now involved is illustrated in this partial curriculum for a bachelor’s program at a school in Arizona:


ART101 2D Design ART205 3D Design CSC100 Computer Programming Concepts DVA201 3D Modeling Concepts DVA221 3D Modeling: Maya GAM101 Game Concept Design GAM150 Evolution of Electronic Games

GAM170 Game Design Workshop I GAM200 Critical Game Studies I GAM220 Applied Game Theory GAM230 Level Design Concepts GAM250 Gaming Platforms and Standards GAM252 Game Tools and Techniques GAM343 Game Modeling MTM101 2D Computer Graphics Tools



These are the concepts behind the academic discipline.  The software programs that the gaming student has to master are numerous and complex as well.
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