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Doctoral Degree Opportunities

Although posession of a high-level degree is not a guarantee for career placement , studies show that the unemployment rate for those with a PhD is less than half that of those who possess merely undergraduate degrees. As the level of a degree increases, so does the level of specialization in a particular area. Employers consider this specialist knowledge to be a major benefit during the hiring process and are more likely to consider placing a potential candidate with a high-level education.

The table below proves that employers are willing to pay premiuim salaries in recognition of a PhD qualification. Therefore, the expense and time required to obtain a doctoral degree can easily be seen as a major investment in your future.

Discipline Average Starting Salary
Computer Science & Engineering $81,000
Electrical & Computer Engineering $74,333
Geodetic Science & Surveying $78,000
Materials Science & Engineering $87,400
Physics $84,300

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics