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Doctorate In Mathematics

The Doctorate in Mathematics


Traditionally, PhDs in mathematics have gone into the field anticipating an academic career.  Teaching and research along with perhaps some specialized consulting for government agencies have typified the careers of those holding doctorates in mathematics.  Some universities are now offering separate doctoral tracks for pure mathematics and applied mathematics.


It has become clear to many in the academic world, however, that the doctorate in mathematics offers too few career options.  It can no longer merely be a position of stewardship, carrying forth the research and teachings from a tenured position and passing the torch along to the next generation of doctoral students.  The Carnegie Foundation commissioned a collection of essays in 2003 as part of their Carnegie Initiative on the Doctorate (CID).  One thoughtful piece written by mathematician Tony Chan proposes these changes to strengthen and broaden the math doctorate:


  • Shorten time to degree and provide ample research support
  • Prepare our doctoral students for a broad range of future careers
  • Broaden the training of doctoral students. Students should learn about different subfields within mathematics and interact with disciplines outside mathematics.
  • We should improve mentoring during the doctoral training and mentor for the student's career
  • Adopt study practices from other disciplines such as work groups, and drop the difference between "pure" and "applied"
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