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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineers are finding themselves working on a lot of new technology projects these days, but providing the same type of expertise that was called for when Edison was stringing wire on poles.  This country has an insatiable demand for electrical power; that in turn will lead to the introduction of power saving technology that will require Electrical Engineers. 


Development of Wireless Networks and Fiber optics Delivery Systems will keep domestic Electrical Engineers busy, both at the drafting table and in the field.  While there is some international competition from the inevitable “outsourcing,” many of the large projects involving Power Generation will fall to domestic construction firms with domestic engineers.  The United States is decades behind in the construction of new power plants.


New Commercial Construction also has important electrical design components.  Modern offices have miles of cable built into the walls and floors, servicing computers, communications devices and networks.  Electrical Engineers are responsible for routing those cable networks and finding a place to put them.


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Sources: U.S. Department of Labor & Nat’l Assn. of Colleges and Employers


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