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In most School Districts, Elementary Education consists of Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.  Most Elementary School Teachers instruct one class of children in several subjects. In some schools, two or more Teachers Work as a Team and are jointly responsible for a group of students in at least one subject. In other schools, a teacher may teach one special subject—usually music, art, reading, science, arithmetic, or physical education—to a number of classes.


Some Elementary School Teachers work with a Teachers Assistant.  The Teaching Assistant helps with class work, provides attention to students who need it when the Teacher is busy and generally helps execute the day’s teaching plan.


Elementary School Teachers must be Licensed by the State.  Some states require a bachelor’s degree in teaching, some require a masters.  In all cases, Elementary School Teachers must go through a Student Teaching program prior to taking the State Licensing Examination.  Teaching Assistants may qualify in some states with a Certificate for Teaching Assistant; in others with a two year college degree in Teaching.


Degrees and Certifications for Elementary Education Professionals:  
  1. Associates in Elementary Teaching
  2. Certificate for Teachers Assistant Training Program
  3. Bachelors/Masters in Teaching

Median Salaries for Elementary Education Professionals


Teaching Assistant


Elementary School Teacher




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