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English Majors who don’t become patients often become Journalists, News Analysts, and Columnists.   Some Reporters specialize in fields such as health, politics, foreign affairs, consumer affairs, social events and business. 


Technical Writing is an opportunity that is always open in the job market, due to the endless supply of new products coming on the consumer and the industrial market.  Manuals and other documentation are required for everything that has a chip in it, and Technical Writers are in constant demand.


English Majors may become Freelance Writers, writing articles for publication and submitting them to magazines.  Others may find work providing copy for the endless stream of Internet portals looking for articles pertinent to their field of endeavor.


A collegiate background in English will serve you well if you turn to professional Grant Writing.  Non-profit agencies and many government departments as well are constantly in need of grant writers.  It can be a full time job within an agency, or a free lance position if you choose to work for yourself.


Related Degrees:


  • Bachelors/Masters in Journalism
  • Bachelors/Masters in English
  • Certificate in Travel Writing
  • Certificate in Non-Fiction Writing
  • Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies/Technical Writing


Median Annual Salaries for Professionals with an English Academic Background


Technical Writer


Grant Proposal Writer


Speech Writer


Internet Writer





Sources: U.S. Dept of Labor and Salary.Com

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