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Fitness Trainers and Personal Trainers provide instruction on implementing an exercise regimen.   Many Fitness Trainers work in Gyms and Fitness Centers, providing training for the many machines now used for exercising and occasionally contracting to provide one-on-one Training Sessions.  Fitness Trainers also lead Group Exercise Sessions, ranging from Yoga Classes to Cycling Classes to Aerobics. 


Personal Trainers offer a much more personalized service, working with people not only in membership Gyms but in Home Workouts or in a small Exercise Studio operated by the Trainer himself.  Personal Trainers may develop elaborate Training Programs that involve daily participation by the trainer.  These may range from Workouts with Training Equipment one day to a Swimming or Running session the next.  Both Fitness Trainers and Personal Trainers will also provide Diet Recommendations to accompany the Exercise Program that they establish.


Degrees for Fitness Training Professionals


  • Associates/Bachelors in Physical Therapy
  • Associates in Fitness and Exercise
  • Associates in Exercise Science
  • Certificate in Circuit Training
  • Certificate as Group Fitness Trainer
  • Certificate as Personal Trainer


Median Annual Salaries for Fitness Training Professionals


Personal Trainer


Fitness Instructor/Supervisor


Fitness Trainer



Source: Salary.Com & U.S. Department of Labor

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