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Forensic Nursing

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Forensic Nursing is a specialty within a specialty for Registered Nurses. Some nurses become legal consultants and provide medical expertise to attorneys who try personal injury cases or have other casework that involves medical records, investigation or explanation.


Forensic Nurses work with Law Enforcement to collect evidence at crime and accident scenes. They may also Care for Victims of assaults or violent accidents, and victims of negligence, abuse, or violent crimes. Forensic Nurses may Identify Injuries and/or death and their causes and refer victims for appropriate follow-up care.  


The primary work for a Forensic Nurse is with Law Enforcement Agencies, as a specialist with a Hospital, or as a Private Practitioner on a consulting basis. Forensic Nursing was spawned by a group of Registered Nurses who were Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE), an important criminal justice specialization in the nursing field. 


Degrees and Certificates for Forensic Nurses:


  • Bachelors in Nursing/RN
  • Certificate in Forensic Nursing
  • SANE Certificate


Median Salary for Forensic Nurses:


Difficult to determine because of the variety of roles. A recent posting for a Municipal position put the center of the range at $60,000
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