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Fraud Prevention Specialists, Fraud Prevention Training, Fraud Prevention Degrees


There are several classifications of professionals involved in fraud detection and prevention.  A Fraud Detection Associate for a bank monitors account activity to detect possible customer fraud. He analyses activity to identify possible front-end and/or back-end fraud. This is often the initial contact with a customer who has unusual account activity


Working also for financial institutions, the Fraud Prevention Specialist researches and analyzes customer accounts for possible cases of fraud and to prevent future fraud. This person will make the call on valid or fraudulent transactions. He is also responsible for reporting on advanced security options.


A Credit Card Fraud Investigator takes the case of identified credit card fraud or abuse of cardholder information. He interviews individuals involved and may provide assistance to law enforcement, up to testifying in court. 


A Fraud Investigation Officer is an in-house detective exploring fraudulent/illegal activities perpetrated by customers or employees. Part of this job is to recover any incurred losses. This professional also works with local, state and federal authorities with matters relating to fraudulent/illegal activities.


Degrees for Fraud Prevention Professionals


  • Certificate for Online Financial Crimes Investigation
  • Associates/Bachelors in Accounting
  • Associates/Bachelors in Information Technology
  • Bachelors in CyberSecurity
  • Bachelors in Business/Finance
  • MBA/Fraud Management


Median Annual Salaries for Fraud Prevention Professionals


Fraud Detection Associate


Fraud Prevention Associate


Senior Credit Card Fraud Investigator


Fraud Investigation Officer



Source: Salary.Com

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