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Game Art And Design

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Educational institutions have really responded well to the phenomenal growth of the video game industry.   Building a game is a mixture of art, computer programming, science and imagination.  The Game Art component of the process includes Graphics, Multimedia and Animation usually all in the same project. Game design can involve the programming for each scene – literally writing the code for whatever program has been chosen for the game.  It could also involve Scene Direction: determining what should happen to each character within each scene and laying out the process to achieve that design.


Video Game Production is a team effort of technicians, computer programmers, graphic artists and multimedia program experts.  And, of course, the people who conceived the game are in the mix in some sort of production role.  Accordingly, the team that puts a game together is an interesting mix of talents and personality types.  At the tail end of the process are the Testers, who – if they find enough bugs – may start portions of the production all over again.


For those interested in a career in the video game industry, the first step is to get familiarized with the industry by taking game design courses from top colleges and universities.


Top Game Design Degrees Include:


  • Graphics and Multimedia
  • Game Design
  • Digital Design
  • Game Software Development
  • Game Art and Design
  • Computer Animation

Median Annual Salaries for Game Art and Design Professionals:


Video Game Artist $42,512
Video Game Animator $45,778
Video Game Designer  $54,300
Video Game Programmer/Engineer $54,300
Video Game Technical Director  $63,750


Source: AnimationArena.Com




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