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Game Design Schools - On Campus And Online

Game Design Schools – On Campus and Online


There are many schools, traditional and otherwise, that have incorporated game design into their curricula.  There are also online schools that have accredited associate’s and bachelor’s programs for game design.  There are multiple disciplines within the profession: one online school has both bachelors and associates programs for digital animation, game design and game programming.  The fact that there are so many choices within the game design business, some more technical than others, suggests that you have some idea of what you would like to do in the business.  Some of the job descriptions include: Programmer

A programmer can work on the game engine, the Artificial Intelligence features, the tools, hardware and network.



A designer – or artists – can be an animator, 3D artist/modeler or 2D artist/texturer.


Level Designer

Though it sounds similar and uses some of the same skills as a designer, Level Design is a job unto itself. Level Designers need to have some art proficiency, but must also have good spatial awareness, organizational skills and lightning effects knowledge.  


This is a growing position in the game community. Documentation is a necessary part of any software creation, and games are certainly no exception. There is the manual to write, the story behind the game to design and narrate. Every speaking character must have a script.

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