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Video games have become a multi-billion dollar industry.  Everybody in this country under the age of 40 grew up with them, and a lot of those people want to be in the business.  Kids with quick hands break into the business as Video Game Testers.  In fact, every college grad that is lucky enough to get a job at a Video Game Company is going to start out with the grunt work.


If you’re fortunate enough to become part of a Game Production Team then it’s possible you’ll get the opportunity to Write Code for one scene or work at editing and polishing the Graphics of one small portion.  Working as a Video Game Developer means working your way to the top. 


That, in turn suggests that you learn as much as you can about how a Game is Assembled.  That includes the art, certainly, but there’s an entire software application beneath what you see on the screen.  A Game Developer needs to have command of all the production aspects, in addition to a fertile imagination.


Degrees in Game Development


  • Bachelors in Game Software Development
  • Bachelors in Game Art and Design
  • Bachelors in Game Design
  • Bachelors in Graphics and Multimedia
  • Bachelors in Computer Animation
  • Bachelors in Digital Design


Median Salaries in the Game Development Profession

Three years experience or less


Video Game Artist


Video Game Animator


Video Game Programmer/Engineer


Video Game Technical Director


Video Game Designer


Game Testers



Source: AnimationArena.Com

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