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Hospitality Sales

Hospitality Sales



Much of the Sales activity for the Hospitality Industry takes place through Travel and Tourism professionals.  However there are also major Resorts and other destination sites such as Casinos that employ their own Marketing and Sales staff. 


There are a couple of Sales channels worth noting for the Hospitality Industry.  One is the package tour business.  Tour packages are marketed to families, to senior citizens, to singles and to other demographic subgroups through targeted media and direct mail.  Understanding how to target a sales campaign such as this is an important component of a Sales Professional in Hospitality.


The other aspect to Hospitality Sales is the periodic promotion.  Holiday specials, reduced rates, kids-are-free promotions - these sorts of advertising events are standard in the industry.  A good Sales Professional will have a creative mind, see opportunities for Sales Promotions, budget them and convince management that they are worthwhile.



Degrees for Hospitality Sales Professionals


  • Associates/Bachelors in Hospitality Management
  • Certification as Hospitality Sales Professional
  • Associates/ Bachelors in Marketing/Sales


Median Annual Salaries for Hospitality Sales Professionals


Sales Agent


Channel Sales Rep.


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