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The category of human resources often includes specialization in fields such as Placement, Employee Relations, EEO Officers, and Compensation Specialists.


In a small organization, a Human Resources Generalist may handle all aspects of Human Resources work, and thus require an extensive range of knowledge. The responsibilities of Human Resources Generalists can vary widely, depending on their employer’s needs.


A Bachelor’s Degree will be essential for entry into this field.  In a traditional school, obtaining the degree would take four years.  If you are returning to school, the transfer of credits should work well because it is a non-technical position and you may be able to complete your studies over a much briefer period.


Majors for Entry Level Jobs in Human Resources

  • Bachelors in Human Resources
  • Bachelors in  Human Resources Administration
  • Bachelors in Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Bachelors in Business
  • Bachelors in Liberal Arts Field


Entry level median earnings

Employment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Placement Specialist




Compensation Specialist


Benefits Specialist


 Job Analysis Specialist



Management level median earnings


Compensation Managers and Benefits Managers


Training Managers and Development Managers


Human Resources Managers


(U.S. Dept. Labor May 2004)

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