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Human Services

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Professionals in the Human Services field are often driven by compassion.  Careers in Human Services include jobs as Rehabilitation Counselors; Family Counselors.  Those who enjoy working in Daycare Facilities are often Eldercare and Childcare Workers.  Educational and Vocational Counselors often work in campus settings or for public agencies.


In many urban settings professionals in the field find themselves acting as a Homeless Services Coordinator; working as a Women’s Shelter Administrator; or overseeing a Poverty Assistance Program as a Human Services Manager.  People in the Human Services field are in charge of the safety net for those among us who are overwhelmed by addiction, poverty, emotional problems or just old age.


Many people spend years studying for careers in this field; however there is also room for paraprofessionals who take some training and then get much of their training on the job.


Degrees for Careers in Human Services


  • Associates in Social Work
  • Bachelors/Masters in Human Services Management
  • Bachelors in Psychology
  • Masters/Certificate in Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Bachelors in Social Work
  • Certification in Child Care
  • Certification in Geriatric Care
  • Certification in Addiction Counseling


Median Salaries for Human Services Professionals


Substance Abuse Counselors


Marriage and Family Therapists


Vocational and Educational Counselors


Public Health Social Worker


Social Services Department Manager


Medical Social Worker


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