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Influence And Leadership

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Influence and leadership is exercised in business by those who have the initiative to take the reins in any given situation.  Leadership is exercised every day by people like head nurses and CEOs, platoon leaders and product developers.  Leaders can be engineers, physicists, physical therapists or sheet metal workers.  The ability to lead means you have the ability to guide others in accomplishing a common goal.  Some of us are comfortable in that role and some are not – to some degree, leadership is an innate trait.  And some of us are unwilling to participate unless we get to lead.  That’s a personality trait of another sort.


Influence is exercised by people who hold power and wield it – but more importantly, by people whose opinions are respected.  From that perspective, one person with influence in an investment house, for example, will be the risk manager.  In City Hall, it’s going to be the Mayor but it’s also going to be the budget analyst and the building maintenance chief who is holding the old structure together. 


If you want influence and leadership to be a part of your career role, prepare for it by developing expertise.  Be the person on the team who knows a little more about an important business component than anyone else.  The best leaders are also those who lead through respect rather than the power of office.  People skills are as important as technical skills and business acumen for a successful leader.


Degrees that will put you in positions to develop influence and leadership:


Bachelors in economics

Bachelors in business

Bachelors/Masters in engineering


Masters in Management

Bachelors/Masters in Communication
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