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Information Systems And Information Technology

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Information Technology at its simplest is defined as the technology used to store, retrieve and disseminate information via computer.  Information Systems refers to the hardware and software utilized to accomplish the storage, retrieval, access and dissemination of the data.  Both these terms refer to the basics of Database usage.


As Databases have become crucial in E-Business and E-Commerce, the management of information has become a critical role in the commercial world.  Information Technologists develop and maintain Information Systems for major businesses.  Oracle and SAP have built their businesses around Information Technology that is used for Customer Relations Management (CRM)


Information Systems Managers are responsible for seeing that data of this type is networked to sales people all over the world.  Software Consultants and System Support Technicians first sell, and then maintain these Information Technology Systems for thousands of businesses.


Degrees for Information Systems and Technology


Certificate in Information Technology

Associates in Computer Science

Bachelors in Information Technology

Bachelors in IT/Database

Bachelors in Information Systems

Bachelors in IS/Networking


Median Salaries for Information Technology and Systems Professionals


Information Systems Support Manager                               $99,177

Information Technology Consultant                                      $77,200

Information Systems Engineering Manager                        $115,026

Data Security Manager                                                         $94,689

Information Technology Manager                                         $101,478

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