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Information Systems Security

Information Systems Security Certification, Network Security Certification, Network Security Degrees


Computer Systems Security has become a major concern in the industry.  Hackers and unwanted intruders are a small part of the problem.  Mishandling of databases results in open access to millions of records that contain private information.  Identity Theft is one of the most frightening crimes to appear in decades.


Information Systems Security Specialists are sought-after consultants, as businesses seek judgments on a system’s vulnerability. Custom Programmers and System Designers are asked to help develop new Antivirus Software, programs, and procedures as preemptive measures to keep “hackers” out and systems virus free.  Firms who have built up extensive E-Businesses are spending extensive sums on these consulting services.  It makes sense, then, that people who gain an education in Information Systems Security should have a number of career opportunities before them.


Degrees for Information Systems Security Professionals


Associates in Computer Science

Associates in Network Support

Bachelors in Information Technology

Bachelors in IT/Security

Bachelors in Information Systems/Security

Bachelors in IT/Database Management

Bachelors in Network Management


Median Annual Salaries in Information Systems Security


Web Security Administrator                                       $81,491

Data Security Analyst                                                 $59,453

Data Warehouse Information Security Manager     $108,731

Chief Information Security Officer                             $120,652

Systems/Application Security Analyst                      $76,513

Cross-Platform Security Manager                            $114,087


Source: Salary.Com

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