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Information Technology Degree Online

Information Technology Degree Online


Staying Caught-Up with an Information Technology Degree Online


The growth of new technologies can be a headache for those working in information technology (IT).  Workers constantly struggle to play catch-up with the daily changes, only to realize that once again they’ve fallen behind once they’ve caught up.  The game of catch-up and fall behind can significantly affect the possibilities of getting to the next level.  


In the past, staying abreast of new technologies meant returning to the classroom or reading journals and dry technical jargon.  Luckily, working professionals can breathe a sigh of relief.   The recent proliferation of degree programs geared towards working adults has made advancement less of a problem and more of a reality.  Online information technology degree program offerings span the spectrum from the hardcore technical training of traditional computer science programs, data management (informatics) to management information services (MIS).   


The online degree programs vary in their requirements and offerings, ranging from associate degree programs to four-year bachelor degree programs and Master’s degree programs.  Online classes incorporate real world projects into the curriculum to give students the opportunity to practice what they learn from theory and textbooks.  A summary of information technology degree online programs are offered below.


Amberton University

Amberton University is a small private Christian institution in Texas that caters to professionals and working adults.  Amberton awards a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Information Systems and Technologies.  The cost per unit of credit is $200, and 126 semester hours are required for the degree.


Boston University, Metropolitan College

It’s difficult to locate a prestigious institution that offers an online degree, but Boston University does so with a Master’s of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.  The university also offers a concentration in security analysis and database technologies.  The cost of the program is $2760 per course. A total of 40 credits are required for the Master’s degree.


Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

This four-year liberal college is located in Pennsylvania and offers a Master’s of Education in School Libraries and Information Technologies.  The program bridges the gap between literacy and information technology.  Costs average around $491 per credit. 


Tennessee Board of Regents Online Degree Program

This cooperative of six universities and 13 community colleges in the Tennessee higher education system offers a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree with a concentration in information technology.  Students receive a well-rounded education in software design and analysis, management information systems, databases, and telecommunications.  A degree requires the completion of 120 credits.  The cost is $678 per 3-unit course for in-state students and $1890 for out-of-state students.


University of Illinois Online

Classes are offered online through the different campuses of the Illinois education system. Students may earn a Master’s Degree in Computer Science or a Master’s in Public Health Informatics.  The former requires the completion of 36 credit hours. The MPH requires 48 semester hours.  The cost is $535 per credit hour.


University of Oregon

The University of Oregon offers an interdisciplinary Master’s program that combines information management with MBA courses targeting mid-career professionals.  The program is called AIM (applied information management) and requires the completion of 54 credits at a cost of $27,815 for the entire program.


Don’t fall behind…stay caught-up with these online programs and enjoy limitless opportunities for career advancement.

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