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Instructional Technology

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If you are interested in the uses of Technology in the Classroom but don’t necessarily want to teach, there is a professional niche opening up in Educational Technology Consulting.  This professional teaches teachers how to use the phenomenal Software and Internet Applications that are being developed for educational purposes.


Teaching with Technology includes Online Assessment tools, Web Based Testing and Personal Response Systems (PRS) that are installed in the classroom.  Blackboard is a "web-based course management system" for creating and deploying online and hybrid courses and supplemental class materials.  The Blackboard Learning System environment includes a header frame with images and buttons customized by the System Administrator.


This career opportunity requires knowledge of IT software and hardware as it is applied in an educational context.  It is an opportunity for someone with a Computer Orientation to pursue a career outside the parameters of the typical Information Management or Systems Management role.


Degrees for an Instructional Technology Consultant


  • AA in Information Technology
  • Bachelors in Systems and Applications
  • Bachelors in Programming
  • Bachelors in Information Management
  • Bachelors in Networking
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