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Interior Design - an Established Profession


Interior design has moved far beyond its days as the art of room arrangement and vase placement.  The industry is a recognized profession that currently requires licensure in at least twenty four states and the District of Columbia.  It began, to some degree, as a cottage industry where people with a feel for the discipline began with a single job and worked through referrals into an established business. Now, it is a relatively competitive industry, with prospective employers hiring individuals with professionally and formally developed skill-sets. These skill-sets can be obtained by taking interior decorating courses at colleges and universities, either online or at a campus near you. An interior design degree is an important first step in the pursuit of an interior design career.


It is still somewhat of a personal pursuit; three out of ten interior designers in today's market work out of their homes.  It is also, however, an extremely competitive business that draws a lot of talented individuals into its ranks.  Other options for interior designers include joining a boutique agency, an established interior design house that needs junior members to help with managing client load.  This scenario also provides the opportunity for the apprenticeship type experience that the licensing exam demands. Interior decorating coureses will help in this area.


Some designers work as in-store designers for furniture or home and garden stores and offer their design services in addition to selling the store’s merchandise. This scenario gives a new designer the opportunity to develop contacts and eventually, a client base.  Limitations to this arrangement are the fact that in-store designers rarely visit their clients’ spaces and are limited in using only a particular store’s products.  Moreover, they are obligated to use the products provided by their retail employer.

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