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Globalization has contributed to an increase in demand for Management Analysts. As U.S. firms expand their business abroad, many will hire Management Analysts to help them form the right strategy for entering the market and to advise them on legal matters pertaining to specific countries.  International Human Resources Management has become an important niche for developing global administrative structures.


The growth of International Business also has led to more demand for Accounting expertise and services related to international trade and accounting rules, as well as to international mergers and acquisitions. These trends should create more jobs for Accountants and Auditors.


International Trade has brought heightened interest in Logistics Management and in Management of Information Systems.  Increasingly, businesses are open for business somewhere on the globe at all times.  The need for quality communications around the clock and Logistics that are focused internationally have emerged as part of the Global Economy.


International Business Degrees


  • Bachelors in Marketing
  • Bachelors in Logistics Management
  • Bachelors in Accounting
  • Bachelors/Masters in Business
  • Bachelors in MIS Bachelors in Management Sciences


Median Salaries for International Business Careers


Management Consultant


Corporate Accountant


Logistics Manager


Information Systems Manager


International HR Manager


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