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Interning With Top Fashion Designers

Often the Top Fashion School can be Interning with Top Fashion Designers.


Most top fashion design schools' curricula balance the education of traditional skills - such as sewing, schematics and computer-based design, fabric printing, pattern drafting and manufacturing, use of textiles - with the changing trends and standards of the fashion design industry.


To gain an entry-level position within the fashion design industry, students will work to create a portfolio showcasing their best work. Additionally, some students will select to take study tours to top fashion design centers such as New York, Milan, and Paris for a first-hand look at the fashion design industry at its best.


Aspiring fashion designers can learn the necessary skills through internships with design or manufacturing firms. Some designers also gain valuable experience working in retail stores, as personal stylists, or as custom tailors. Such experience can help designers gain sales and marketing skills while learning what styles and fabrics look good on different people.
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