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Landscape Design Schools

Landscape Design Schools


Turning a Gardener into a Landscape Designer


At traditional universities, landscape design is often a component of a curriculum for an architecture degree.  Landscape is incorporated into the notion of environmental design and included in the study or architecture.  Within that framework, however, it landscape is merely a part of a much larger whole.  There are a number of landscaped design schools that focus solely on the landscaping portion of site design.


Some of the larger and more established garden clubs in this country offer fairly elaborate landscaping courses of study.  There may not necessarily be a degree that is given in conjunction with these programs, but you will be studying with some very experienced teachers.


Career schools and technical academies will often have courses in landscape design.  These courses are designed to provide basic instruction for handling plants and the equipment that is used to move and place them.  Some schools assume that their students are there to learn the trade, and include instruction in starting a small business.  Here are the major study points for one online landscape design program:


  • Plant health, soil, and fertilizers
  • Servicing garden tractors and other tools used in landscaping
  • Creating landscaping designs using shrubs and ground covers
  • Specialty landscaping, starting and operating your own landscaping business
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