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A Law Clerk is a Research Assistant to an Attorney.  The job is to research legal issues from sources such as judicial opinions, legal articles, statutes and other legal codes.  From this research the Law Clerk prepares a legal brief or pleading, an appeal, personal documents such as wills and contracts and other business product as directed.


A Law Clerk to a Judge or Justice has an entirely different role.  Usually these clerks are recent law school graduates who are serving in something of an apprenticeship role by working for a sitting judge.  It’s considered an honor and a good addition to the resume.


Law Clerks in an Attorney’s Office have most of the same responsibilities that a Paralegal might.  In some offices, the Law Clerk has the same job description as a Paralegal.  As with most jobs, a good Law Clerk will become indispensable to the Attorney if job is consistently done with alacrity and precision.


Degrees for Law Clerks


Associates in Paralegal Studies

Bachelors in Paralegal Studies

Bachelors in Social Science

Bachelors in History


Median Salaries for Law Clerks


Entry Level                  $41,422

Experienced               $53,108

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