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A degree in Liberal Studies is oriented to the broad and encompassing perspective of the liberal arts. Students in a Liberal Studies program study the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.  The goal of the major is to allow the student to focus on issues and ideas from multiple, interrelated perspectives.


It’s an approach to the “Interconnectedness” of Ideas in different fields - an interdisciplinary perspective, so to speak.   A broad and tolerant point of view serves many of us well in our professional and worlds and personal lives as well.  In many schools this major is for “nontraditional” students whose focus remains wide and all encompassing. 


Programs of this nature seek to fulfill the goal of an undergraduate who cannot settle on a standard major and would like to combine several disciplines.  At one time, a “liberal arts” education was standard fare for undergraduate work.  Now, it has become a major that is a combination of many academic segments.



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