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Marital Counseling

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Marriage Counselors often play the role of catalyst more than counselor.  Partners often seek counseling when they feel misunderstood, frustrated or deeply hurt.  The role of the counselor is to instigate genuine communication that is devoid of the resentment and anger which has characterized the Marital Conflict thus far.  For many couples if not most, by the time they reach the Marital Counseling stage these feelings have been brewing for years.   It is the job of the Marriage Counselor to try and change this ingrained behavior.


There are Marriage Counseling Techniques that some Marital Counselors apply in order to resolve emotional conflicts.  Many counselors find that the job entails peeling away years of denial, distrust and warped perspective to develop communication between the couple.  Newly minted Marital Communication is often the only thing that will restore a relationship of many years’ dysfunction.  Licensing is required in most states for Marital Counselors.


Degrees for Marital Counseling Careers


  • Bachelors in Social Work
  • Masters in Psychology
  • Doctorate in Psychology
  • Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy

Median Salary for Marital Counselors


Private Practice:        Average $95 per hour

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