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Master's Degree In Psychology

Master's Degree in Psychology


For a closer look at the options available in psychology at the master's level, we can look at the program offered by Capella University, an online institution.  Their options for master's degrees in psychology include these areas of emphasis:


  • General Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • School Psychology
  • Sport Psychology


The first three degrees are primarily for individuals who are interested in counseling or clinical work.  To work professionally as a clinical psychologist or as a psychologist engaged in a counseling practice, you must hold a doctorate and be licensed by the state.  There are many areas where a master's degree in these fields can be applicable, however.  Public mental health clinics and substance abuse programs often employ people in counseling or therapeutic positions who are not licensed practitioners.  These people generally run therapy groups or work with patients on an informal basis, providing staff support in a therapeutic environment.


An education in sports psychology will take you into the area of motivation and mental preparation in the field of athletic endeavor.  You may work with coaches helping them develop motivational skills.  You may also work with athletes on an individual or collective basis in the areas of mental preparation for teamwork, and for personal confidence in a competitive atmosphere.


A master's degree in school psychology is the doorway to a profession as a school psychologist.  In most states, a doctorate is not required for employment as a school psychologist in primary or secondary schools.  You are required to have studied in certain areas and to pass a state exam.
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