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Masters Of Business Administration Program

Masters of Business Administration Program


Choosing the Best MBA Program


The Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree is among one of the most coveted post-graduate degrees around.  For professionals and executives, the MBA degree is a win-win situation.  However, the proliferation of MBA programs available can be daunting for the aspiring post-graduate student.  How does one choose from the seemingly endless maze of business administration programs?


Choosing the best business administration program involves asking questions and deciding what it is a student wishes to get from their education.  It is important to choose a program that suits the comfort level and needs of the prospective student.


What is it that one expects from the MBA program?

There may be common elements for each MBA program, but the not all common courses are taught alike.  Program content varies according to the instructor’s experiences.  Schools that cater to working professionals offer more of a project-oriented approach to teaching that focuses on practical application in the field.  Other programs take a more theoretical approach to business administration.  Some programs teach the basics and nothing more.  Figuring out what each program offers and whether it is suitable takes some detective work.  Students should look for programs that suit their employment goals.


Does the physical structure of the MBA program suit the student’s learning needs?

Some students thrive in an independent learning environment of online and distance education courses.  Other students lack the motivation necessary to pursue independent coursework and require hands-on experiences in the classroom.  Meanwhile, an online business administration program may suit those with full-time positions and little time to spare.  Courses that span 18 weeks may be more digestible than concentrated 8, 9, or 10 week courses.  Some programs incorporate an on-site element while others are conducted either entirely on campus or entirely off-campus.  Students should select programs that match their time commitment and learning needs.


How much will the program cost?

State-run institutions often cost considerably less than private institutions.  Some MBA programs offer low per credit hour costs, but come with extra fees.  The availability of loans and scholarships to cover the tuition costs can also impact the selection of certain programs.  Choose a program that meets realistic earnings expectations.


To test or not to test is the question

Diploma mills won’t emphasize the availability of GMAT scores.  Competitive institutions will insist on test scores.  Before shelling out the big bucks for the test, check with prospective programs to ensure that the GMAT is necessary.


It’s all about reputation…

Prestige programs will always see more traffic from prospective students and recruiters than little-known programs.  While these prestigious programs may lead to better connections and better jobs, will the cost of the program justify the returns?  Likewise, enrolling in a costly prestige program and failing to complete it will depress more than it will energize a student.


Selecting the appropriate business administration program takes time and some legwork.  Ask admissions counselors.  Read the forums. Understand what the prospective program is all about before making any decisions.  Choose the program that will best suit expected career goals, and make the most out of it.

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