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People who major in Mathematics will find, with a little searching, that there are a surprising number of Job Opportunities out there.  Applied Mathematicians use theories and techniques, such as mathematical modeling and computational methods, to formulate and solve practical problems in Business, Government, and Engineering. 


The number of practical everyday matters for which mathematics is a core tool is substantial.   For example, they may analyze the most efficient way to schedule airline routes between cities, the aerodynamic characteristics of an experimental automobile, or the cost-effectiveness of alternative manufacturing processes.  Many people with a background in Mathematics fit easily into Computer Science or Computer Programming.


Mathematicians can also be Statisticians, and our – and Business Community – thrive on statistics.  Wall Street Analysts wait breathlessly for the quarterly earnings reports from publicly traded corporations.  Government statistics such as quarterly unemployment reports, new housing starts, and consumer confidence index – all of these tables have a profound effect on the Stock Market.  And all of them are assembled by Mathematicians working for the government.


Degrees for Careers in Mathematics


  • Bachelors in Mathematics
  • Masters in Mathematics
  • PhD in Mathematics
  • Masters in Statistics
  • PhD in Statistics


Median Annual Salaries for Mathematicians


Mathematician (Industry)


Mathematician (Federal Govt.)


Mathematical Statisticians (Govt.)


Computer Numeric Machine Programmer



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