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Medical Office jobs range from the Physician to the Receptionist.  There are certain staff positions, however, that are unique to the profession.  A Medical Assistant prepares the patient for examination by placing him in the examination room, taking vital signs and organizing medical records.  The Assistant may draw blood or prepare samples for lab analysis. 


The Medical Office Manager or Operations Manager coordinates both administrative and clinical operations in the offices of a physician or group of physicians.  Oversight responsibilities include the clinical, medical and clerical staff.  The Manager’s responsibility is to make the patient flow run smoothly and that the clerical work pertaining to insurance, referrals, and prescriptions rolls along as well.


Medical Transcriptionists listen to dictated recordings provided by physicians and transcribe the material they hear into appropriate document form.  Those documents might be Diagnostic Reports, Imaging Diagnoses, Examination Reports, or Referral Letters.  Administrative personnel at this level in a doctor’s office also deal with Insurance Claims on a regular basis.


Degrees and Certificates for Medical Office Personnel


  • Associates in Medical Transcription
  • Bachelor’s in Business/Health Care Management
  • Certificate for Medical Assistant
  • Certificate for Medical Transcription



Median Salaries for Medical Office Personnel


Medical Transcriptionist


Medical Office Manager


Medical Assistant






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