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Multimedia And Animation

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People looking for a career in multimedia and animation basically have three industries to choose from: Movies; Video Games; and Web Development.  Arguably the fastest growing of these three choices is web development, since broadband has gotten into so many homes and websites are using that bandwidth for all sorts of purposes.  Multimedia is used in web design, Internet Advertising, Product Presentation, Teleconferencing and Online Merchandising.  Esurance has used an animated character that is not only a principal player on their website but dominates their television advertising as well.


The Video Game industry has room for aspiring animators as well; there are many academic courses and even majors available that train for the use of Multimedia and Animation in Video Games.  In the Movie industry, probably the two greatest success stories in recent years have been Pixar, Dreamworks and Industrial Light and Magic.  These companies specialize in Animation and Special Effects, which are produced through a variety of Multimedia technologies. Jobs in animation and multimedia are definitely in demand.


Multimedia training is paramount in gaining entrance into this field. The best way to maximize your opportunities is to enroll in a multimedia degree program and get a formal education.


Degrees for Careers in Multimedia and Animation:


  • Bachelors in Information Technology/Multimedia
  • Bachelors in Business/Digital Media
  • Bachelors in Animation
  • Bachelors in Graphic Design
  • Bachelors in Visual Communication
  • Bachelors in Interactive Media Design

Median Annual Salaries in the Multimedia and Animation Profession:

Multimedia Services Manager   $74,600
Video Games Animator 3-6 Yrs Experience  $65,619
Product Management Director - Web   $138,053
Web Line Producer  $84,453
Animators and Multimedia Artists (Film) $65,000





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