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Network Systems Analysts and Data Communications Analysts design and evaluate network systems.  These include Local Area Networks (LANs) or Intranets as well as the use of a company’s Wide Area Network (WAN) and their use of the Internet.  Network Analysts perform network modeling, analysis, and design.  They may become involved with the interfacing of computer and communications equipment, particularly with the rise of Wireless Technology as an integral part of Business Networks.  


Network Administrators install, configure, and support an organization’s LAN, WAN, or Internet functions. They Maintain Network Hardware and Software, analyze problems, and monitor the network to ensure availability to system users. Administrators also may plan, coordinate, and implement network Security Measures.  Increasingly, Network Security has become a specialty that often is handed over to outside consultants that specialize in the service. 


Degrees for Networking Professionals


  • Bachelors in Computer Science
  • Bachelors in Information Technology
  • Bachelors in IT/Networks
  • Bachelors in IT/Database
  • Bachelors in IT/Information Management
  • Bachelors in IT Information Systems

Median Annual Salaries for Professionals in Networking


Information Systems Operations Coordinator


Director of Network Services


Network Planning Manager


Director of Network Engineering


Network Administrator


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