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Online Art Schools And Degrees

Online Art Schools and Degrees


Teaching the fine arts online probably isn’t practical.  If you want to be a painter, an illustrator, a medical illustrator or a cartoonist you’re going to have to learn your skills in a classroom.  However many of the design oriented arts – fashion, residential planning, graphics, and game design – are taught through a number of online colleges.  Animation and multimedia are closely related to graphics and game design.  And taken as a bundle, these professions represent the bulk of the commercial opportunities in the art world.


For almost all of them, you are probably going to need a bachelor’s degree to gain an entry level job.  Some technical areas, such as writing code for a game design team, might only require an associate’s degree. Of all the design categories, graphics will be the area with the biggest job growth.  Game design, animation and multimedia are going to be active areas as well, with website development continuing to expand as an industry.  However job competition is going to be high. If fashion is your art form of choice, you will need to take into consideration the fact that the industry I centered in New York and California and the majority of jobs are located there.


Selecting and pursuing an art degree online really begins with semantics.  A degree in web design at one school might have ninety percent of the same coursework as a multimedia degree at another school.  One school might call it a degree in graphic arts; another a degree in graphic design.  There is a lot of overlap in all of the art-related terms, so it is critical for the student to determine how his desired career is defined in the job market and find the appropriate combination of school, coursework and degree.
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